Twin Oaks Derby

From 2001-2009 Twin Oaks Farm hosted the Twin Oaks Derby. Competitors came from far and wide to compete for over $100,000 offered at each show. The fantastic setting coupled with unique classes and a heart for the community made the Twin Oaks Derby one of the most talked about shows in recent show jumping history. Each event hosted two major fundraisers benefitting several local foundations. Primary beneficiaries were: BC Children’s Hospital and Richmond Hospital. Secondary beneficiaries were: D.A.R.E. program, Richmond Food Bank, and Richmond Therapeutic Equestrian Society (R.T.E.S.) to name a few. The Twin Oaks Derby raised just under $1,000,000 for charity during the annual event.

Each Sunday at the Derby featured special equine entertainment: The Canadian Clyde Ride, Trick Riding by the Graham Sisters, Leslie Reid – Olympian, Gitta Arndt and Ziggy, Cheam Vaulters, and Horseback Archery.